1. Modifying Existing Code– An Ice Skating Routine

Open a new world, click on the examples tab, and open up the lakeSkater example.

Find out where the ice skater’s routine is in the code, and modify the code so that the ice skater performs a custom routine.

2. Setting the Stage– Placing Objects in a Scene

Start a new world with whichever background you’d like, and click on the green ‘add objects’ button in the scene window.

Using the object categories available, set up a scene of your choosing. It can be imaginative, but try to keep the scene impressive and realistic– don’t just have a random assortment of objects!

3. Creating a Dialogue

Start an empty scene, and populate with two characters of your choosing. Have them face each other.

In the ‘ first method’ tab, set up a dialogue between the two characters that will be executed when the ‘play’ button is pressed.

4. Creating a Walking Animation

Start a new world, and place a single character in the world. Click on the character’s ‘properties’ tab and click on ‘capture pose’, and name this pose ‘neutral pose’. Then, using the methods of the character’s individual components, set the character into a new pose and capture that pose. Call it ‘walking pose 1’.

Place the character into another pose called ‘walking pose 2’, and create a method called ‘walking’ in which the character repeatedly switches between ‘walking pose 1’ and ‘walking pose 2’, so that when the Play button is pressed the character appears to be walking.

5. Adding Character Controls

Using the walking animation, give your character controls such that when the up arrow is pressed, the character moves forward, when the left arrow is pressed, the character turns left, etc. Position the camera behind the character to create a 3rd-person view.

See if you can also find a way to make your character jump when the space bar is pressed.

6. The World’s Simplest Game

Building on the previous world, add another object into the scene and add a 3D text object that says ‘The End’

Have the 3D text turn invisible at the start of the game, and create a trigger such that when the character approaches the object, the 3D text becomes visible.

7. Build it Up From There

Now you have the very basics needed to make your own game– challenge yourself, have fun, and be sure to check out some amazing examples at

Learning from experts will help tremendously as you continue forward on your Alice journey. Good luck!


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